The amount of video we consume as content each day is staggering. Mobile consumption of videos increases by a least 100% EACH year. Forty-five percent of the population watches at LEAST one hour of video on Facebook and Youtube weekly. Webpages and articles that feature videos can keep people on their page almost three times longer than pages that don’t. If you aren’t using video, you are getting left behind. Check out these tips for how to incorporate video into your website or blog. You will not be disappointed with the results you get!

How Bloggers can Start Using Online Videos Within Blog Content

Do a video tutorial – Regardless of what the topics are that your site covers, at some point you will be explaining a concept to your visitors. Take a few moments and add a video tutorial to your page to go over a selected concept. If you can find one already made on a site such as YouTube, feel free to link to that content. However, video is extremely easy and inexpensive to shoot. You don’t need a high-tech video camera to do it; you can simply use your phone. Both Android and iPhone app stores have no shortage of video editing apps to choose from. You can shoot your own video, edit it, upload it to YouTube, and then embed it into your site.

Add a video blog (aka a vlog) to the content you produce – Video now accounts for 74% of content streamed on smartphones. If you aren’t incorporating video into your content in some shape or fashion, you are missing out on traffic. A video blog (vlog) is another quick and easy way to incorporate video into your site. Instead of typing up a post, a vlog is where you then speak that content instead. Some vloggers rehearse their material ahead of time, so they don’t ramble. For others the random stream of thoughts is the whole point of a vlog. The choice of what’s best for your site is entirely yours. Make a choice that best represents your brand.

Instead of a description, use a video for your About Us Page – While the written word can be powerful, there are times with the spoken word will win out. This is very true for an About Us Page, and this can also help with the SEO of your site as well. This is the page where you pitch yourself and what your brand is all about. Words can be well constructed, but there is just something about putting a human voice to it. A voice can convey emotions better than words sometimes. If you want to keep it fun and lighthearted, you could incorporate an explainer video to describe your brand. Explainer videos use animations to tell a story and are wildly popular at this time.

Do you interview people for your blog? Do a video interview instead! – Obviously, you would want to let your interviewee know that ahead of time! But changing out a standard Q&A to a video chat can be much more entertaining! Your viewers get to see how both you and your interviewee react to questions and the emotions you both exhibit. It brings more human emotions to the topic at hand. This works well for just about any discussion point. If your topic is humorous, your viewers get to see the laughter. If your topic is heavy by nature, you get to see those raw feelings on video. The written word just can’t top that.

As has been stated multiple times already, video content isn’t going anywhere! This medium is just going to keep getting bigger. Don’t get left behind! Start incorporating video into your blog and brand today!

Originally posted 2019-10-11 10:29:53.